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      California Health & Safety Code      

116551.  The department shall not issue a permit to a public water
system or amend a valid existing permit for the use of a reservoir as
a source of supply that is directly augmented with recycled water,
as defined in subdivision (n) of Section 13050 of the Water Code,
unless the department does all of the following:
   (a) Performs an engineering evaluation that evaluates the proposed
treatment technology and finds that the proposed technology will
ensure that the recycled water meets or exceeds all applicable
primary and secondary drinking water standards and poses no
significant threat to public health.
   (b) Holds at least three duly noticed public hearings in the area
where the recycled water is proposed to be used or supplied for human
consumption to receive public testimony on that proposed use.  The
department shall make available to the public, not less than 10 days
prior to the date of the first hearing held pursuant to this
subdivision, the evaluations and findings made pursuant to
subdivision (a).